What Is Vaping All About? Is It Better For Me Than Smoking?


I’m too old to start vaping

Boomer brothers and sisters, don’t feel like you’ll be out of place vaping. I visited eight local vape shops and I asked each the same question. What age groups make up your clientele and this is what I learned. 40 years and up made 40-60% of their business.  Some shops had customers in their 80’s so you won’t be out of place vaping. This site is for everybody who wants a painless and satisfying alternative to conventional tobacco cigarettes.




Vaping can be defined as the act of inhaling water vapor through a personal vaporizer or ecigarette.

Vaping is an alternative to smoking. It’s like smoking minus most of the adverse effects of smoking tobacco cigarettes such as no bad smell and smoker’s breath. Also to be considered are no cigarette burns, no more dirty ashtrays, less likelihood of getting smoking-affiliated illnesses – you get the drift.

In other words, vaping is the name given to the use of a vaporizer. The process involves applying heat to a liquid which generates vapor. The user, called a vaper (smoker in traditional cigarette circles) gets their nicotine hit through inhaling the almost odorless vapor (smoking equivalent of ‘smoke’).


Well, this is a question that usually follows the question what is vaping. So, instead of giving you only my personal opinion, here are the results of some of the researches carried out to find the answer:

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So, is it safe? Well, despite all these researches and studies, we can’t say that vaporizers pose absolutely no threat to your health. But hey, even the healthiest foods you eat aren’t 100% safe. So let’s put the answer this way. According to the information above, it seems to be safer than smoking. According to the research performed, it may also be a great aid in harm-reduction. You’ll find more information about if vaping is bad in this article.



 After the extensive research I have done, I have drawn these conclusions.

  • Vape may be a less dangerous alternative for you than smoking. (Studies say 90-95 safer)
  • Ecigs are less expensive than smoking tobacco cigarettes.
  • It may be a less dangerous option for those around you than smoking.
  • Vaping is quite enjoyable and relaxing and can become a hobby with all of the hardware and ejuice flavors on the market.


YES! It does have other benefits beyond just the health benefits of not smoking.

  • You don’t smell like an ashtray. The smell from smoking is on your breath, your clothes, in your car and in your house.
  • Ever burn a hole in your jacket, shirt, blouse or car upholstery because of smoking?
  • The deep inhales used in the more advanced vaping styles are relaxing just like deep breathing exercises, plus you’re satisfying your urge to smoke without smoking.
  • There are tens of thousands of flavors on the market. Most ejuices are produced from FDA and Kosher approved suppliers of the VA, PG, flavorings and nicotine used to make the ejuice or eliquid. Only buy juice made in the USA!
  • To get started vaping takes $30-$50.00  plus about $10 for a 15ML bottle of juice that will last from 5 to 10 days of vaping. Compare that with the cost of a carton of traditional smokes and you can see by the second or third week of vaping you already dollars ahead. Boomers on a fixed income should really think about this.

Add all of these benefits together and you can see choosing vaping over tobacco is a no brainer! You can get a MIG CIG starter e-cig kit HERE.


is it hard to switch from cigarettes to vaping?

A little minor will power will take care of this for you. Check out this video.

Even if you don’t completely change over, every time you vape instead of having a tobacco cigarette is one less cigarette smoked. This is better than not trying at all!

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